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1 posts from November 2013


Fall 2013, Course of Events IV

Scavenger Hunt

 Oct. 19                               by Tina

It was a warm and bright Saturday today. At 12:30, a group of CIEE students and student ambassadors hung out in front of school’s main gate, waiting for everyone gather so that they go on their scavenger hunt.

 Everyone was separated into the red, green, and blue teams, which corresponded to the red, green, and blue line of the Taipei Metro respectively. Next, each team member received a Taipei Metro one-day pass and a color board with three to four different photos on it. In order to win, each team needed to complete a specific mission at each place and finish them all before 5 p.m. 
The map of Taipei metro.

中正紀念堂Green team arrives at their first destination: National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂)!!! Their mission was to find a group of dancers that were practicing and do to dance together with them.



After a long ride on the MRT, the red team arrives at their destination:Tamshui (淡水)!

啊給The red team’s mission in Tamshui was to eat three different dishes at the food square. It turned out that they really enjoyed Tamshui’s food and scenery so much that they stayed there after having completed all their missions. So much for winning the game!


Blue team finds one of their destinations: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (松山文創園區)!  Creative Park is a new building which opened in 2012, and serves as a platform to inspire creativity. Inside, there are different exhibitions and unique stores, such as the world winning Wu Pao Chun (吳寶春) Bakery. Outside, it is a beautiful place to rest and take a walk. Blue team’s objective was to find their favorite piece of art and use Chinese to explain why they liked it! Sounded pretty hard!

Things didn’t really go according to plan, because everyone was having too much fun! Everyone ended up staying much longer at their designated spots to enjoy the area and eat the delicious food. So the ambassadors decided that the game should just be a nice hangout for everyone to enjoy the sights Taiwan has to offer. Thus the day concluded with laughs, smiles and full bellies.

Swimming Competition

  Oct. 28                                         by Jerry

The NCCU swim team held a competittion this weekend amongst it’s swimteam members! The four events, 50 meters butterfly style, backstroke style, breaststroke style and freestyle for both boys and girls, and one of our CIEE students, Rachael, signed up for all of them! She was a mermaid for sure since she won first in fly and free, seconde in breaststroke and third in backstroke and got two pairs of goggles for first, a towel for second and a swim cap for third. What an abundant harvest it is! Congratulations to Rachel on her oustanding performance!

Rachel 1
Rachel on the left

Rachel's prize

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International Students Culture Exchange Workshop

Oct. 28                            by Jerry

The culture exchange workshop was held this week for the exchange students to discuss about “Facebook”. The culture exchange workshop is a venue for exchange students and local NCCU students to exchange ideas about certain points of view and learn more about each other’s cultures. At today’s workshop, students found out that Taiwanese students tend to posts a lot onto Facebook, but don’t put their personal pictures on the profile for recognition, which was confusing for the exchange students. It’s always easier for them to recognize a person from its pictures than from its Chinese name after all. One of our CIEE students, Denny, said we indulge too much time in Facebook, which is not a good thing. The workshop was very successful with many students who showed up to participate. Thank you Denny for sharing your experiences and ideas with everyone in the event!

Exchange students have a group picture!

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