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11 posts from December 2013


Fall 2013, Course of Events V

Sanxia Old Street and Yingge Ceramics Museum 

Nov. 2 (Sat.)                                                                                         By Tina

On November 3rd CIEE students and ambassadors went to Sanxia Old Street and Yingge Ceramics Museum. Though it took about an hour and half to go to Sanxia, chatting with one another seemed to shorten the time. In Sanxia, we first saw the famous Sanxia Tsu Shih Temple (三峽祖師廟), which used to be the center of community. Just a few steps away, the Sanxia Old Street came into sight. We were all stunned by its beautiful red brick buildings. As we took photos and walked through the street, everyone could not wait to explore the different food stands. In the afternoon we went to the Ceramics Museum (鶯歌陶瓷博物館) by bus. Some students made potteries, while others enjoyed the exhibition in the museum. We really had a great day. 


CIEE students and ambassadors taking a photo at the Sanxia Old Street.


Nathan is pouring the liquid into the mould. He’s making a cute tiger.

未命名6 The outside space of the Yingge Ceramics Museum.


Justus and her hand made pottery.


CIEE 20th Anniversary @ NCCU

Nov. 25 (Mon.)                                                                By Jerry

Happy 20th anniversary to CIEE at NCCU! Coincidentally, it was also our ambassador, Chris, and the vise-principal of NCCU's birthday. What a blessed day! We prepared plenty of snacks like delicious cakes, delicate cookies and elegant black tea. It was such an honor that we could have some honorable Mr. and Miss here celebrating the anniversary. It was also our pleasure to have Zach and Debby, Gerald and Hongling to be our hosts and hostesses. They did so well that everyone including the students and the guest sure had a great night. After the honored guests finished their speeches, we watched a movied named "Girl Rising", which is a film:   talking about eight different stories of eight individual girls who had been suffering from deprivation of education in their childhood. It was so inspiring that many of the students gave a lot of commets on it. We talked about education, discrimination and women's rights. It was a meaningful night for all of us, which made the 20th anniversary so memorable. Again, happy birthday to CIEE and others. Live long and prosper.



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Thanksgiving Party

 Nov. 28 (Thu.)                                                             By Felix

   I remember clearly that on Nov. 28 I went to office at about 2 o’clock, and to my surprise, Camille was already preparing her dishes, in fact, she was boiling eggs. And several minutes later, students all come to office discussing which vegetables and sauces and food to buy eagerly. After that, everyone was on one’s duty, contributing to the feast we were going to savor. As for me, at about 5 o’clock, I started to wrap dumplings with Hanny, Hongling, Enni, we did have a wonderful time comparing who was a better dumpling maker. At six o’clock, the most anticipated party finally started, too bad that I was filming a video in which I expressed how sad I was for their imminent leaving at that time and when I came back, there wasn’t much food left, but here are still some pictures to show you how great that party was!





Farewell Party....

Dec. 5 (Thu.)                                                                            By Jerry

Time flies, and time flies as fast as a rocket when you’re having fun. All good things come to an end. Time to say goodbye to our students… As our beloved Christie said ”離別是再見的開始”(goodbye is the beginning of seeing you again.), although it’s time to say goodbye, our adventure hasn’t come to an end. To make the farewell party the most memorable, we had our students prepare some talent shows for us to enrich the night. On the other hand, we prepared an awarding ceremony for our students and ambassadors. In addition, we recorded a review video with the photos we took this semester and the ambassadors giving the farewell speeches. There was a little surprise for everyone! Santa Claus and Rudolph brought everyone gifts! At the end of the farewell party, it was the emotional time. Students came to the of the crowd and said something touching. Some even dropped tears. It is hard to say goodbye to you guys, but it is impossible to forget you! We’ll see you soon.







“我希望這些field trip確實有讓學生感受到台灣的美”

By CIEE Ambassador 陳穎慧

“我希望這些field trip確實有讓學生感受到台灣的美”


時光飛逝,不知不覺就過了期中,也意味著再過不久,就要跟學生們說再見了!在CIEE跟大使和學生相處時真的很開心,我希望這些field trip確實有讓學生感受到台灣的美,更認識中華文化,也許讓他們愛上台灣,剩下最後一次的field trip要去北投,期待能帶給大家最美好的回憶。

Time flies. We have finished half of this semester, which means that in the not too distant future, we will say good bye to the students. It has been such a good time getting together with ambassadors and students. I hope that students have seen the beauty of Taiwan and learned more about Chinese culture, and perhaps even fallen in love with Taiwan. I am looking forward to giving everybody the best memory in our last field trip to 北投.

I now start to think less and just follow my feeling.

By CIEE Ambassador 盧冠溢

I feel like it was just yesterday that we met each other and I can’t believe it is already time to say good-bye. I want to talk about two little stories between an exchange student and I and what I’ve learned from them.

“Sincerely, having a friend who you can talk with until midnight and share your feelings is very valuable.    ”

Mature: I always go home with my friend Hanny, who live very close to me. And we sometimes eat dinner together. One day Hanny said he wanted to share a fantastic place that has a good night view of the city. And that was on the top of his house. Under the starlight and the amazing view, we shared some of our experiences and viewpoint of life. I was amazed, for he already has a good job and is a manager in a company. He told me the tuition fee in USA is very high compared to the fee in Taiwan. So most people have lots of pressure and need a lot of money. I realize most teenagers in Taiwan don’t need to worry about money. We are well-protected in our families. Even at the same age as us, some of the exchange students already act like people who have already worked. They work to support themselves or even for their family. Sincerely, having a friend who you can talk with until midnight and share your feelings is very valuable.    


“I now start to think less and just follow my feeling.”

Follow your heart: the second story is about a student from China. She is a hundred-percent artist in my point of view, always making decisions just by feeling. I have a totally opposite charisma compared to her. But she said maybe that’s the reason we can become good friends, for we can see things in a different view. I now start to think less and just follow my feeling. And it really works when I meet obstacles.


"Being a part of that scene is what embracing Taiwan was and is all about."

 By CIEE Student 張元祥 Hanny Kishawi

"As this country is ranked “friendliest” in the world, owners of small businesses and even passing strangers have upheld that conception. "


So far, I’ve had quite an exciting experience in Taiwan. What I’ve realized is that there are plenty of places to explore, even if it’s simply in Taipei; and the major ingredients of any person’s experience here is people, food, and shopping. However, what I’ve genuinely gained from living here for a semester is the sense of culture and community. As this country is ranked “friendliest” in the world, owners of small businesses and even passing strangers have upheld that conception. This goes especially with friends made along the way.  In addition, despite the tedious bus rides, traveling to destinations like pingxi and eryuetan have always rendered as worthwhile as we were giving the opportunity to appreciate their picturesque mountainsides and waterfronts. From venturing various night markets to maneuvering through busy MRT stations, I have not once had a reluctance to try anything that this country had to offer. 

 "I became quite well-adjusted and somewhat enjoyed even the minutest moments of it."

As a commuter, the most of my experience is made up primarily be my time spent on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). To be honest, living an hour away from campus and commuting initially came off as especially unexciting, tedious, boring… it sucked!  However, after a couple of weeks of  transferring trains, then the bus, and then walking to class every day, it developed into a routine of which I acclimated well with; it turned out to be not so painstaking.  From the extent of that time period, and cyclical experience, I’ve actually been gifted with the chance to observe Taiwanese people of different class, culture, age, etc. all in one distinct place. I became quite well-adjusted and somewhat enjoyed even the minutest moments of it. Yes, spending two hours a day traveling to and fro seems burdening, aggravating, but it was the main scene of what made up my and many other’s life in Taiwan - and being a part of that scene is what embracing Taiwan was and is all about.



I never could have been this HAPPY if I had not been accompanied by the folks in CIEE.

By CIEE Ambassador 張祐慈

“It couldn’t have been better to get acquainted with friends globally and to exchange ideas about life.”


I have always been fond of English, but most of my experiences are from textbooks, novels, and some of my beloved foreign teachers in school. For some reason, I was fortunate enough to notice the recruitment of the ambassadors in CIEE which I would not say was a turning point but an event that added a spice to my routine college life. The first time being an ambassador requires you to step out of your comfort zone and sit down to do some contemplation about how much you know about the place you’ve been living for the past 19 years, even simply in Taipei. Overall, it has been amazing to get to know every individual in our relatively small program. It has been worthwhile to have been given the opportunity to travel with the students to attractions such as 日月潭, 平溪, and 北投. We enjoyed our time giggling over silly jokes and goofing around. We also talked about the cultural differences between the States and Taiwan. It couldn’t have been better to get acquainted with friends globally and to exchange ideas about life. It’s priceless. It’s magnificent. I never could have been this HAPPY if I had not been accompanied by the folks in CIEE. Love you all!

Nobody’s perfect, and nobody learns anything without practice.

By CIEE Student 安步賽克 Isaac Ambruso

“ Nobody’s perfect, and nobody learns anything without practice.”


Since coming to Taiwan, I think the most important thing that I have taken away from this experience has been learning how to learn. When I first started here, I would refuse, if I could avoid it, to speak Chinese at all. This is because in Taiwan I’ve met many incredibly talented people who I did not think I measured up to very well. And because I feel like I didn’t measure up to them, I thought that if I revealed my own lack of talent that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends at all. This view has changed considerably. Now, I’ve realized that my initial thinking was incredibly arrogant. Nobody’s perfect, and nobody learns anything without practice. It seems simple, and I am honestly surprised that it took me months to realized that everybody’s here to help me learn. And the fact that I don’t know something is no impediment to learning it. Everybody here has been fantastic, and over the course of the last couple of months, I’ve become much more comfortable around everyone here. And because of that, I finally started to make the improvement that I wanted to see. So my message from Taipei is this: You’re here to learn, don’t worry about making mistakes, everybody does. And the people around you genuinely want to help you. And with all of those talented people encouraging and helping you, there’s no reason at all to get discouraged.


自從來到台灣以後的這段期間,我想我從各方面的生活經驗中所學到最重要的就是「學著如何學習」。剛來到這裡時候,只要能避免我就都拒絕且逃避使用中文,因為在這裡我遇見許多我自認無法相比的、非常有天賦和能力的人,我認為若是我多說一些話、多做一些事,就有可能暴露了我的缺點和不足,而那將會使我交不到任何朋友。然而,現在的我體會到自己當初的想法是多麼地自大,心態也有了巨大的轉變-- 沒有人是完美的,也沒有人可以不經努力練習就能學習、成長。這個道理看似非常簡單,所以我也很訝異居然要在數個月後我才領會到這裡的每個人都是樂意幫助我學習的。因次在這樣的環境下,其實只要我願意學習,沒有任何事物是我無法學習到的。這裡的人們真的都很好,在這幾個月的期間,我已經能夠從容自在地與這裡的人們,也因次我開始看見自己有了一些當初期許的進步與成長。所以這是在台北的我想傳達給你們的話:你是來這裡學習的,不要害怕犯錯,因為人們都會犯錯,況且這裡的人們都是真心想幫助你的,在這麼多有能力的人鼓勵、協助你之下,真的沒有退縮的理由!




   By CIEE Ambassador  許沛維  Felix

"I am really fortunate to get into CIEE and get to know so many lovely students!"


Time surely flies. The welcome party feels as if it happened yesterday, and I can vividly recall the nervousness and anticipation I had when I first met them. And now, it’s time for me to prepare for the farewell party! During these few months, I do share lots of beautiful memories with both ambassadors and students, and the most unforgettable one among them would be the field trip to Ping-Xi. In Ping-Xi, we tried some really delicious snacks and walked on a suspension bridge and most importantly, the flying lanterns with our wishes written on them! I am really fortunate to get into CIEE and get to know so many lovely students! Even though they are going back, I believe the strong friendship between the students and the ambassadors will last for a long time.

"我相信我們的友誼還是會維持下去的! "

時間過的真的極快,welcome party彷彿還是昨天發生的事,我還能清晰地回想起第一次見到學生時的緊張與期待,但是現在,居然已經到了道別的時刻了!在這幾個月,我與學生們分享了許多美好的回憶,其中最難以忘懷的,就是去平西的field trip,我們吃了許多好吃的小吃、走在漂亮的吊橋,還有最重要的,放上面寫滿願望的天燈。我真的很幸運可以加入CIEE並且認識許多可愛的學生,雖然學生們都要回去了,我相信我們的友誼還是會維持下去的!



  By CIEE Student 鄭聽雨 Denny Cheng










Making New Friends

  By CIEE Ambassador 唐于庭 Tina

"I don’t know when we became familiar with one another like we all do now."


I can still recall the excitement at the welcome party in September when the ambassadors met the CIEE students for the very first time. And in the following orientation week, CIEE students and ambassadors together, went through a series of administrative process and visited many famous sites in Taipei, knowing each other more and more. I don’t know when we became familiar with one another like we all do now. Maybe it started from our three-day field trip where we lived in the three-wing courtyard house, played Mafia at night, and set off fireworks next to Sun Moon Lake. Or maybe it was during one of our field trips. Surprisingly, we have so many memories in such a short time. I am very grateful that I have had this wonderful opportunity to become friends with people from a different cultural background and learn so much from them.

"從何時起我們變得如此熟悉? "





Field trip in Sanxia and Yingge

By CIEE Student 馬麗 Livia

"My transition into Taiwan life has gone pretty well in my mind. "


My transition into Taiwan life has gone pretty well in my mind. CIEE continuously provides support to all the program participants in times of need but most importantly act as a source of information about NCCU and life in Taiwan. Recently we took the subway to Sanxia and Yingge. In Sanxia we visited what is called the old street where we saw Zushi Temple and Blue dyeing park. While in Yingge we visited the Yingge Ceramic Museum where we had the opportunity to make a ceramic piece to remember our visit. We had a great time visiting these sites and I can't wait for our next adventure!