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2015 Spring CBPE Student Newsletter vol.5

Winnie Bee 畢文-CBPE Student

It has only been three weeks since I landed in Taiwan and every day has been full of excitement and food. I feel like I have to constantly check my spending (and calories) because food is so inexpensive and readily available here that I just want to buy everything. My guilty pleasures are the little red bean buns and milk tea. Traveling has also been very convenient, so it has been pretty easy for the CIEE students to get out of the NCCU area and explore.

The one thing I wasn’t expecting, or too happy about, was the weather. I did not expect it to rain so much the first couple weeks. I am from California, which is actually in the middle of a drought right now, so I am not used to it raining so much. I would tell my parents and friends from home that I have yet to see the sun since I’ve been here. I have never had on so many layers of clothing and still be so cold. Fortunately for me, it seems that it will start to get warmer. However, I am sure in June, I will complain about the weather yet again.

Despite my body not being meant for cold, the weather didn’t stop me from going out and exploring Taipei with the other CIEE students and ambassadors. I am very fortunate to have another CIEE student, Allison, as my roommate. We were both pretty lost the first couple days, so it helped to know that I wasn’t the only one struggling. If it wasn’t for her, I feel like I will just be a hermit and stay in my room all day. She forced me to endure the cold and go out with the others, which I am grateful for because now I feel really close to many of the exchange students and ambassadors. I am looking forward to the next 3.5 months of adventures with everyone (and Tainan next weekend)!



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