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2015 Spring CBPE Student Newsletter vol.6


Newsletter #1: The Taiwan Experience


Iván Díaz 狄伊凡


Taiwan has far surpassed my expectations for this semester. A mere two weeks into my study abroad experience, I have loved every single thing that I have experienced. To begin with, life in Taipei is so affordable and public transportation is very convenient. I love the way nature makes itself present in every part of the city, so I particularly enjoy every view. I have met truly amazing people, each already leaving a mark on my life and experience.




I’ve had my second job experience here in Taiwan, and I couldn’t be happier. The Taiwanese concept of work and interning is completely different than in the United States, and I have been treated like another member of the company: I have been trusted with developing projects that will actually have an impact on future company activities. Far beyond simply having something to put on a resume, it’s providing invaluable experience that I wouldn’t be able to attain this early on in my professional career.




Personally, I believe that what makes Taiwan such a beautiful and special place is its people.  With very few exceptions, the majority of Taiwanese I have interacted with have been really friendly and willing to help.  Taiwanese people are so hard-working, focused, and value the importance of helping others. I’ve felt more at home, allowing me to feel more comfortable about using my Chinese and learning as much as I can. Two weeks into my study abroad experience, I can safely say it could not have started any better.




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